• Tracker solution for childs, parents and loved ones
    Keep track of your child's location,
    activity, and more
    Use any GPS device or our GPS app simulator

Use any GPS device

You can use any GPS device or simulate a GPS device with your smartphone and our FREE app.

FREE GPS simulator

Use our FREE app Push&Track to simulate with your smartphone a real GPS device, no need to buy any device.

Smartphone, tablet, smartwatch and PC

Live-track your child wherever it goes, on a map with your smartphone, tablet, PC and even with your smartwatch.

Safe places

Set up “virtual fences” around specific zones to control whenever your child enters and/or exits them.


Receive a notification whenever your child enters and/or exits any safe place.

Call device

Call your child with the GPS device's internal phone feature.

Track activity

Track the activity mode with details how much exercise your child gets per day.

Track more childs

You can track any number of childs, no limit.

Connect more parents

Add father and mother, grandparents and overseers.

Device auto-configuration

No commands to know, just setup the manufacturer and device model and the app sends the right commands to the GPS device.

Additional features

Using your device's internal sensors you can monitor any feature, like your child’s daily temperature.

snapTracker is a GPS tracker platform to track your child’s location and activity in real time: fast, accurate and reliable.

Safe places

snapTracker allows you to set up 4 different defined safe area, and get an instant notification when your child leaves or enters that location.

  • Fixed
  • Static
  • Dynamic
  • On the fly


Receive 5 different type of notifications on your phone, table and PC: Push, SMS, Whatsapp, email, web, and receive any alarm and alerts.

No need to use a specific GPS device!

Our snapTracker platform is designed to communicate with a wide variety of GPS devices, so you have the flexibility to use any GPS Tracker you choose.

Protect your child

Forget about unbeareble fear and anxiety when you do not know where your child is! snapTracker will locate your child in seconds with precise accuracy almost anywhere in the world and with any GPS device.

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Easy to use

snapTracker has been designed for GPS trackers to be easy to use for anyone and everywhere.

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Live tracking

Always know where your child is.
Live tracking allows you to know the exact location of your loved ones whenever and wherever.

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FREE app to simulate a real GPS tracker

for iOS and Android

You do not need to buy any GPS hardware device or tracker.
We offer you a FREE app to simulate a real tracking device, simply using your smartphone.

You can also use it also to receive instant push notifications and send SOS alarms.

A safe companion for your children, always!

Thanks to the snapTracker app you can live-track your childs wherever they go, on a map.

With snapTracker and using any your GPS tracker, your child remains always safely and under your protection.

I see on the map where my Robby is, with this app! Polarbe, 06/07/2019

Love the app, I just found my son with this app! Super happy now!

Charming app pegsmylove, 12/23/2018

App has a clean interface and is well designed. I love that it helps us keep track of everything about my child.

Love it! givemepopcorns, 08/31/2019

I will be notified if my child is arrived at school.

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